What Volunteering Means To Me

I’m Sara Bennett, volunteer for a new charity called Jayne Sargent Foundation based in Telford.  We offer a cancer support group and one to one therapy for anyone affected by cancer in the Telford & Wrekin area.




When I met the founder of a new charity a year and a half ago who wanted a website designing I was happy to help as this is my day job.  Seeing the tears in his eyes when he told me about a dream he had to make a difference to people affected by cancer following the passing of his wife to breast cancer I felt a connection to want to help further.

Being able to help others is something I hadn’t ever thought I could do with holding down a full time job, and mum to 10 year old twins and making ends met, however I knew I could put my skills to use.


My best friend had told me earlier that year that I had been invaluable in helping plan her wedding and really enjoyed organising her event.  A year and a half later I have been able to do just that.  I have helped organised a yearly ball, sponsored walk, a float at the Oakengates Carnival, a tombola to a concert all to raise money and awareness of the charity.

asda 15th may with janet smart

Sometimes you don’t know where your strengths lie until you have the opportunity to try your hand at something different or are given the chance to develop something you already enjoy doing.

The reward and confidence you get from meeting such amazing people is difficult to put into words as you have to try it to see it for yourself.  I have a new circle of friends that are busy people like myself but who all find enjoyment in doing something worthwhile, which we or someone we know may need the support of at some point.

The charity is looking for volunteers that can help develop the support services, from volunteer drivers who can take patients to and from hospital appointments, to complementary therapists and hobby enthusiasts to raise money by taking part in a marathon to a crafting enthusiast willing to share their skills at our support group as well as have a go event organisers like myself.

We would love to hear about something that interests you, that you could turn your hand to; that one small change could make a big difference for you and someone else.


Jayne Sargent Foundation meet on the last Thursday of every month at Meeting Point House, Southwater in Telford 11am-1pm to help provide support for anyone affected by cancer.  Find out more on www.jaynesargent.co.uk